O.P #6-An Analysis of the story “Love in the Cornhusks “ by Aida Rivera-Ford

Charmaine S. Cruzat May 12, 2011


O.P # 6

An Analysis of the story “Love in the Cornhusks “ by Aida Rivera-Ford

Using Feminism Approach

Woman has a great inidication in our society . Last May 8, 2011 ,we celebrated Mother’s day. I am thankful that I have Inay that has been my guide through my 18 years of living. We cannot live without family, right?Especially without mother am I correct?

As a female character and in my feminist point of view, Aida Rivera-Ford was a woman with a great talent, for she was one of our outstanding writers in English. In her story “Love In The Cornhusks” the title itself indicates the frontier setting, which is the undeveloped sphere of knowledge. Now, I am to criticize and analyze her work through the Feminism Approach.

The woman in Love in the Cornhusks , Tinang who have reach atleast grade school was a woman of consciousness , who always thought of what others will say about her. She is a kind-hearted and loving mother. Through my readings it is assault here the intolerance of being a woman.

She is a mother and as a woman indeed the focus, not Tito nor Inggo but Tinang intelligently. In identifying what woman is her kind , it is clear how señora frankly said “is it not good to be married” for further understanding it is how she looks like worn out not like before that she has many suitors.

Tinang’s kids and new baby in her womb was next to describe as an image of a worn out woman. Marrying a Bagobo is not just easy for he couldn’t afford the needs of the family. Then , in the first attack of the story denotatively speaking ,dog is an animal the other meaning of it (connotation) a follower.

The letter sent to her was a love letter from his past lover, Amado. There she felt that she did not lose his lover, he’s still there waiting for her but now, she had already husband and kids.

The story is somehow related to Antigone , because there are focuses about the strong points of woman . There’s also flashback in the story wherein Tinang remember the past days during her teenage days.

In Marxist Feminism, the personal identity is not seen as separate from cultural identity. Woman can be like men. Woman can do what men are doing, to make it clear woman can overcome situations.

Psychoanalytic, the authors’ work addresses motherhood for she will embrace anything for her kids for their safety, happiness and for good. Kristeva quoted, “The succinct observations that a mother is a continuous separation the division of the very flesh”. The experience of giving birth paradoxically wounds but increases meaning women were suffering pain for the deliberation of birth hence they are happy, they have given birth to another life form.

The story is easy to understand because it uses simple words. Its style is average. Love in the Cornhusks was related to some instances and hardships in life. Feminism continuously flourishes its many forms and it will continue to offer society in literary studies a fruitful and exciting set of intellectual problems. Most feminist do not want to abolish male values instead they wish to do away with such gender type categories altogether.


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